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Turn’em Barrel Racing Association Rules

Turn’em Barrel Racing Association (TBRA) is an organization that gives back. We hold monthly barrel races and four multi day races. We strive on a continuous basis to insure the safety of all of our riders as well as their horses. We expect nothing less of our competitors but to maintain a family oriented, friendly, and professional atmosphere.

1. Running Formats:  
a.MONDAY NIGHT BARRELS: All Monday Night Barrels will be run in a 4D Open Format (half, half, half splits).
b.WARM UP RACES: Warm up races will be run in a 4D Open Format (half, half, half splits).
c.MULTI DAY RACES: The multi day race (i.e. February, May, August, December) will be run in a 5D Format (half second split).
d.INCENTIVES: Youth (18 & under), Adult (19-39), & Senior (40 & over) Incentives are run in a 4D Format. (half, half, half splits)
e.PEEWEE (8 & under): Peewee race will be run in a 3D Format (whole second split).
f.  POLES: 4D Open:  Poles will be run in a 4D Open Format with half, half, whole splits.

2.ALL PEEWEES WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPETE IN A HELMET. Peewee contestants may be lead lined by a person only. (No lead lining by horse)

3.Entry Fees:
Entry fees are determined by the amount of added money to each show. TBRA will charge a daily office fee (per person). TBRA will impose a return check fee of $45 for all returned checks. Failure to pick up your returned check and pay fees, you will NOT be allowed to run at future shows until these fees are paid. If TBRA is unable to collect on any returned check within thirty (30) days, the check will be turned over the District Attorney’s office for collection.

4.Refunds NO refunds will be given after the first runner of the day. No exceptions.

5.Check-In/Entry Forms
Upon arrival, it is the contestant’s responsibility to check in at the office and get all your information for your stalls, RV’s, and draw numbers and fees. It is also the contestants’ responsibility to insure that all entry forms are completed in full and signed. All minors’ entries MUST be signed by a parent/guardian.

6.Stalls & RV’s
There are over 80 RV’s and 330 stalls at the Henderson County Regional Fair Park that are available at each show. You will be assigned a stall & RV when you check in. If you are traveling to the event in a group and would like to be stalled and/or set up together, one of the individuals in your group must reserve all needed stalls and/or RV to guarantee your group to be together. After your stalls and RV’s have been assigned, please do not ask for your stall to be moved at the show. **All shavings for stalls MUST be purchased at the arena. NO outside shavings allowed under no circumstance.

7.Dress Code
There is NO dress code at anyTBRA Monday Night Barrel events. TBRA will specify on the "multiple day" race event page if a dress code will be enforced. This will be specified on the event page and the www.turnembra.com page. We do ask that you wear boots or riding shoes with a heel, jeans and shirt. NO shorts, halter-tops, tube tops, or other distractive or provocative clothing.

8.Holding Pen:
Turn’em Barrel Racing Association does not require you to use the holding pen. There is a holding pen provided for those in need. The rider will be responsible for entering the alley way within 60 seconds of his/her name being called if using the holding pen or not. If after the 2nd call, the rider has not entered the alley way in 60 seconds, you will be disqualified.

9.Times & No Times:
Time begins when a contestant crosses the timer barrier. A NO TIME will be given to a contestant for the following reasons:
a.If the contestant breaks the pattern.
b.If the contestant runs out of turn. It is the contestant’s responsibility to know their draw number.
c.If the contestant knocks over a barrel. (Touching the barrel to keep it from falling is permitted without penalty)
d.If the contestant’s horse or if the contestant falls during their run in such a manner to break the pattern or if the contestant falls off the horse.

10.A horse may NOT be competed on by the same contestant more than one time per day.

11.Only one (1) horse in the arena or alleyway at any time during competition unless the rider is being buddied in.

Peewee times may be carried over to Open & Youth. Open times may be carried over to Youth, Adult, & Senior. This MUST be designated on your entry form prior to the contestant running the horse. It is the contestant’s responsibility to fill out the appropriate forms.

Re-runs shall be granted if the official timer fails to work properly, unless barrel has been knocked over resulting in a no-time. Re-runs will also be granted if the barrels are not properly placed on their markers. If for these reasons you are granted a re-run, NO penalties will be applied.

14.Ties: In the case of a tie in any division, the money will be split equally. In the event of a tie for an award, the tie will be broken by the toss of a coin.

15.Training in the Arena:
If you are given a no-time, you may complete the pattern as if you were competing. However, show management my, at its discretion, ask a rider who is taking excessive time to “train” to leave the arena immediately. If such request is not complied with, a $25 fine may be assessed.

16. Exhibitions:
Exhibitions are $5 each or 3 for $13. Exhibitions will be done with 60 seconds (1 minute) time limit. A $5 fine will be assessed for each exhibition over this time limit.  

For safety and liability reasons, no persons (other than arena crew) or horses will allowed in the arena during drags. All drags will occur every five (5) runs in open competition and after 30 exhibitions.

18.NO rider shall enter the arena until the announcer or gate person called his/her name.

19.It is the contestant’s responsibility to have a current negative Coggins test on all horses being hauled to shows. It is a state law and TBRA rule. For your own protection, please keep these tests current and carry them with you at all times you haul your horses. The Texas Animal Health Commission may randomly check Coggins at any horse function. If a check is done, anyone not in compliance with this rule will not be allowed to compete and will be asked to leave the grounds. NO refunds will be given and Henderson County Regional Fair Park will be notified.

20.NO DOGS allowed on the arena floor, in or near the alley way, or in the concession stand. ALL dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. NO exceptions.



23. ALL contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. No level of abuse toward any animal or human at any TBRA events will be tolerated. Foul language, misconduct, or abusive comments spoken to or posted online (this includes all social sites) towards any contestant, spectator, staff member or arena personnel will result in immediate contestant disqualification and no refund of fees will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS! Once disqualified, contestant must leave immediately. Turn’em Barrel Racing Association reserves the right to disqualify any remaining entries of the offending contestant, their traveling companions/family or other entrants who involve themselves in a negative manner. Contestants will be placed on the Suspension List.

24. Vendors: There shall be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional service on the arena grounds, in stalls or at trailers without a vendor contract with TBRA. Vendor fees will be posted on event page.